A comparison of americans culture and other countries cultural differences

It is always interesting to study other cultures and it is extremely important to do just that if you are going to have interactions with them.

A comparison of americans culture and other countries cultural differences

But the people there are really nice. I spent all of last semester discovering the unique blend of cultures that make up the North African identity. After all, how could two cultures be so different when some of the most prominent factors of their identity, such as Islam, linguistics, and a history of French colonization, were the same?

My preferred definition of culture has to do with the spirit of a people as a whole. In this way, the two cultures are very similar.

Senegal and Morocco both made it to this list of most hospitable countries, and they deserve to be there. They both eat around a communal bowl, with bread instead of silverware, and watch the same Indian soap opera now dubbed in French instead of Arabic.

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Unrelated to any aspect of identity that I could specify, like ethnicity, language, or religion, tea is an integral part of both cultures. The tea customs also provide a nice snapshot of life as a whole. It was about welcoming others, pausing, and relaxing together. Instead, people gather at homes or in public places outside for attaya ceremonial serving of tea.

Following tradition, the tea is generally prepared by men because women do all of the other work at home.

A comparison of americans culture and other countries cultural differences

The tea process is longer, with many rounds of boiling and tasting and boiling again, and a time-consuming foaming process. In comparison, the drinking part happens quickly.

Despite similarities in religion, history, relative geography, and linguistic situations, these are not the factors that link these two African cultures. I know I still have a lot to learn to understand Senegal and its culture, but I have already seen its spirit.

Discover similar content through these related topics and regions.Understanding cultural differences isn’t easy, even when you’ve lived in many different countries (disclosure: I’m a Brit, grew up in Southeast Asia, lived and worked in Switzerland and the.

Aug 09,  · On the other hand, Japanese people tend to have a lot of love for their country, and celebrate their unique history, language and culture in a way not dissimilar to Americans.

4. Though America is made up of people from many different countries, Japan is overwhelmingly attheheels.coms: Jul 02,  · Response to Chinese and Mexican Cultural Differences Nathan D. Smith for Dr.

A comparison of americans culture and other countries cultural differences

John Obradovich, Ph.D. BUSI October 1, Response to Chinese and Mexican Cultural Differences The comparison between the Chinese and Mexican cultures is an interesting and fascinating one. Sep 14,  · Here are some cultural discrepancies that might strike you as bizarre while you're abroad.

1. When kids lose their teeth in Greece (and reportedly other countries), they throw them on the roof. Let us get to know the similarities: Political systems: Both the countries have a deeply ingrained democratic attheheels.com U.S is the world's oldest democracy while India is the world's largest democracy.

Both the countries were former British colonies, though the U.S became an independent country much ahead of India (the US in and India in ). And as we encounter various other people who confound our expectations about cultural differences, we wonder where we went wrong.

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