A deeper discover of me

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A deeper discover of me

Who is the Fiber Muse?

The Peaceful Warrior

What does she believe in? And more importantly, are you one, and what type of Fiber Muse are you? In a nutshell, the Fibre Muse is thoughtful, soulful and adventurous in spirit, and seeks knitting as a form of expressing herself creatively, to help and serve others, a method of self-care, and a path to creating a deeper connection with the world around her.

She craves deeper connections with her craft: She loves learning about other cultures, and how they have contributed to the fiber arts.

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It gives her a special sense of connectedness to know the roots of a yarn, design or pattern. It makes her happy to support indie artists who value sustainability, their heritage, and the preservation of culture. She enjoys knitting as a form of self-care, in order to get away from the noise of the world, and uses her "me" time to soothe, quieten, heal, reflect, and ponder.

In a world where she does not have a lot of control, or peaceful time to herself, knitting provides that small sanctuary where she can step back from the noise and the rush, and enjoy being in the moment. She wants to make a difference in other people's lives.

Generous, giving and compassionate, she uses her craft to lighten up their day and make the world a fuzzier and warmer place.

A deeper discover of me

She utilizes color, texture, and fiber to explore the boundaries of her creativity and imagination. She loves engaging and meditative projects, where the finished result looks much more complicated than it is in actuality. Being able to fill her world with color and texture, when it is often grey and dull, and finding the time to create something beautiful, truly fills her soul with delight and happiness.

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She seeks a community where she can let her creativity and magic run wild and free, yet harness it to transform her yarn into a unique hand knit piece of fiber art, as well as create bonds and friendships with like-minded Muses, who will inspire and motivate her on a daily basis. There are four types of Fibre Muses: All these Fibre Muses share the same qualities as each other, but each one manifests their special type of magic more strongly than the others.

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