An analysis of ads

Who would their audience be?

An analysis of ads

Discussion Sample Ad Analysis Using the steps for conducting a semiotic analysis outlined in the Semiotics Handout as the foundation for your argument, write a short, word analysis of a women's fashion advertisement from a current magazine. Preparation for this assignment requires the following: Locating an appropriate advertisement 2.

Going through the steps for conducting a semiotic analysis as outlined in the above-mentioned handout After completing the steps, your posting should include the following: A thesis statement 2.

A short but detailed description of the ad 3. By depicting beautiful and successful women as white, thin, and submissive, high-fashion advertisements promote racist, sexist, and classist ideologies.

An ad for Calvin Klein featured in a recent issue of W magazine is an apt example. In this ad, a young, attractive, and apparently wealthy thin white woman with dark blonde hair is sitting hunched over on the edge of a bed in an upscale home, peering down at the ground.

Virtually expressionless, she appears to be either drunk or drugged, and her body posture suggests that she is vulnerable. This posture, as well as the dark colors of the ad, create a mood that is both depressive and mournful, almost as if the woman in the ad is, was, or is about to be the subject of some kind of abuse.

This ad bears resemblance to a number of other ads from the same magazine. Given the overwhelming similarity of these ads, it's clear that high-fashion advertisers are in the business of promoting more than just products, namely images of beauty and success.

An analysis of ads

The problem, of course, is that these images depict women as submissive if not abused objects, not to mention that they define beauty and success as "white and thin.

High-fashion ads such as those mentioned above, by associating beauty and success with such traits as "white," "thin," and "submissive," promote not only unhealthy and unrealistic images of beauty but class divisions based on racial priority. The message, in short, is that only Caucasian women are successful, and for these women, success is predicated on an ability to appear as a submissive, sexual object.

An analysis of ads

Following the Steps The above response was composed after completing the steps outlined in the semiotics handout. Here is the information I generated while following these steps: Establish the sign to be decoded I will be analyzing an advertisement for Calvin Klein found in a recent issue of W magazine.

Set aside your opinion Done. In this ad, a youngattractive, and thin white woman with dark blonde hair is sitting hunched over on the edge of what appears to be a bed, peering down at the ground.

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She is dressed in a relatively short black evening dress, and she is wearing black heels. Given the fact that her right foot is arched and pushed slightly forward, I am assuming that she is looking at her shoes. Her face is virtually expressionless, and it seems as if she is either drunk or drugged.

In either case, her lack of expression and body posture suggest that she is in some way vulnerable. What is she doing? Although the use of muted brown makes the background of the ad difficult to discern, she appears to be in the bedroom of an upscale home hard wood floors, cherry doors, etc.

Perhaps it's the end of the night, and she's just beginning to settle in. Perhaps she was at a party and wandered off.

Regardless, it's clear that she is part of the upper crust of society. Looking back at the ad as a whole, its dark colors as well as the expression and posture of the model create a mood that is at once depressive and mournful, almost as if the figure in the ad is or was the subject of some kind of abuse.

Finally, although not visible from the scanned copy, the ad contains a minimal amount of text, located on a white background below the ad. First, these cities are noted as fashion centers. Second, and more importantly, the language of the ad implies that Calvin Klein's importance and influence is by all accounts global.

And when you consider what this advertisement suggests, Calvin Klein's influence is questionable at best. Establish a set of signs books, ads, films, etc.

In the other ads, she is also dressed in black clothing.Critical analysis of political advertising entails evaluating ads on all of these levels.

This lesson addresses topics that are examined in greater detail in other lesson plans on The Living Room Candidate.

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A small portion of people click on ads: Only 16% of users click on ads, and half of those -- 8% -- account for 85% of all clicks on display ads. This means that this pool of what the industry calls “natural born clickers” is the only audience you track.

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