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Harrison's campaign slogan had been "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too. John Tyler was not part of the Whig plan. But, Tyler had a strong independent streak. Tyler did not share Whig beliefs.

Apush chp17 notes

Home Insurance Company i. Otis elevator, central steam-heating system 2.

Apush chp17 notes

NYC law for each room to have a window in slums a. Overcrowding, filth- disease cholera, typhoid, and TB 3. Different locations could support different ethnic groups Little Italy, China Town a.

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Maintain language, culture, religion iv. Bysuburbs spread- suburban nation Apush chp17 notes. Dirty, diseased cities unexpected a.

Slowly advocated for more sanitary cities c. Boss and Machine Politics i. Powerful urban politics 1. Political machines- group of politicians, had a boss, supporters 2.

Asked for votes in return. Greedy too- stole millions from taxpayers and fraud. Tammy Hall in NYC 4. Awakening of Reform a. Reform movements began in s and s b. Books of social criticism i. San Fran journalist Henry George published provocative book in 1.

Progress and Poverty a. Proposed a single tax on land as the solution to poverty b. Looking Backward, 1. By Edward Bellamy in Envisioned elimination of poverty, greed, and crime.

Readers joined movements and orginizations c. Middleclass people try to help poor- lived and worked in settlement houses. Hull House in Chicago- Jane Addams in iii. Taught English to immigrants, pioneered early childhood education, est. Importance of applying Christian principles to social problems.

Religion and society i. Roman Catholics grew in numbers ii. James Gibbons- Kingths of Labor iii. Dwight Moody and Moody Bible Institute iv.

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Families and women in urban society i. Smaller families- not practical to have kids iii. Seneca Falls- iv. Wyoming- first state to let women vote in Temperance and morality i.

Total abstinence of alcohol.

Apush chp17 notes

Moralists thought cities were breeding ground for vice, obscenity, and prostitution. Anthony Comstock- Society for the Suppression of Vice 2. Comstock Law- prohibited the mailing or transportation of obscene and lewd material and photographs.

Intellectual and Cultural Movements a.

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Changes in Education i. Reading, writing, and arithmetic 2.Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy. The Accession of “Tyler Too” William Henry Harrison, the Whig president elected in , suddenly died after only one month in office.; Harrison's campaign slogan had been "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too.".

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Unit VI Notes: The Progressive Era World War I 20's Society Politics of the 20s and 30s Great Depression and New Deal New Deal Programs Road to WW II.

Unit VII Notes: U.S. in WWII. 1st - Freedom of press, religion, assembly, speech, and petition 2nd -Right to Bear Arms 3rd - No Quartering of Soldiers 4th - Search and Seizure.

Chapter 17 and 18 APUSH Review Timeline created by marygold In History. Mar 4, William Harrison's Presidency Tyler takes over atfer Harrison's death 4 weeks into the presidency.

Feb 15, Aroostook War Dispute over Maine's border. Sometimes refered to as the Lumberjack war because it was really just a bunch of lumberjacks going.

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