Copywriting advertising internships in dallas

A degree in health, political science, communications, or business is preferred but not required.

Copywriting advertising internships in dallas

If you're based full-time in the US or Western Europe, that's probably too little to interest you. No experience necessary, and after onsite training for 4 weeks in Bangkok, the work can be done completely remotely, apart from the occasional paid trip to conferences in Europe and America.

We're computer programmers who got into recruitment because we hated dealing with all existing recruiters we met. If you've left a task undone, you won't be able to sleep. You will take genuine pleasure from making sure a jobseeker's details are properly labelled in a database, and will feel weird and dirty if you've made a sloppy job of it.

You'll find our current processes to be irritatingly imprecise and will want to make them more efficient. The idea of measuring the resulting efficiency gain captures your attention more than you'd admit to anyone in front of whom you were trying to look cool.

Ideally you'll be a huge nerd yourself, perhaps with a STEM background. You probably know at least some HTML, just because. There are going to be lots of times when you need to use your initiative, and you'll often be faced with situations which are entirely new, and need to show resourcefulness.

You're the kind of person who when you say "leave it with me", your colleagues and friends know that whatever "it" is, it'll get sorted. You're not going to be tested on your ability to deploy an em dash instead of an en dash or indeed a hyphen but you need to be able to spell and consistently form natural-sounding sentences.

You will make notes. But there's a lot to learn about the technology stacks we recruit for. There's not very much 9—5 work, but there's a lot of answering emails, and we try and answer all emails within 12 hours during Mon—Fri; sometimes you'll need to stay up late or get up early for a call.

Some days may require 1 hour of work only, some will require 12 hours, and you'll get a lot of freedom to figure out which is which. If you get really good at the role, we'll switch to a commission role where you can make a lot of money and choose your own hours.

We value people that are good, honest, kind, open, and direct, in that order, and expect you to be someone we value. Our technical brand is built on "not being like other" recruiters, and instead reminding developers and technical managers of the people they enjoy working with most in their team.

copywriting advertising internships in dallas

You'll find out what their preferences for a workplace are, and look through what roles we have available, and then highlight which of those roles would be a good fit for them and why. You'll find out convenient times for them to chat, and put them in touch.

copywriting advertising internships in dallas

We have processes around all of this, but you'll be encouraged to improve processes wherever you can convince us it's appropriate. You'll need to evaluate which of our jobs ads are performing most effectively in getting candidates in, and consider rewriting ones that aren't working that well to make them more productive.

At first, we'll give you ideas of what to say, but as you get to know our job-seekers, our technical stacks, and our clients, you'll start to know what to say to them.

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· years experience of video production (full-time or internships) · Additional marketing, advertising or copywriting experience ·. Location: Dallas, TX $$$ Unpaid Industry: Advertising, Business, Fashion, Marketing, Public Relations Summer Apply for this internship LAW Designs is a Dallas, Texas based jewelry company with a heart to share the imperfect, but brave beauty of this world.

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Jobs & Internships RLM offers a progressive work environment and opportunities to be part of an industry-leading team. We post job postings here from time to time or send your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Advertising agencies can specialize in specific areas, such as interactive advertising, or they can be a full-service agency that creates advertising materials like websites, online and social campaigns, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, print ads, radio and TV commercials, sales letters, and more.

11 days ago · An interest in popular culture, new advertising trends and techniques is a plus! Previous intern and/or copywriting experience is preferred. A strong interest in marketing and willingness to learn.

Search Copywriter Intern jobs in Dallas, TX. 5 open jobs in Dallas for Copywriter Intern. Average Salary: $33,

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