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Introductions and Conclusions Organizing Your Thoughts Making sense out of your observations about a text is a difficult task. With which idea should you begin? Should you address the opinions of other thinkers?

Dartmouth writing center

Lerner's Writing Center Origins In this nine-minute podcast, Neal Lerner discusses some of his history as a writing instructor--in writing centers, in composition classrooms, in the WAC program at MIT where his students are multi-talented: Based on extensive archival research, this book tells the history of writing instruction and science instruction in American higher education from the s through the present, and how writing and science instruction come together over the idea of laboratory methods of instruction.

Among the many topics covered in this podcast: Holyoke, MIT, Yale, and the University of Kansas; the histories of the Writing Laboratory in the General College at the University of Minnesota and the Writing Clinic at Dartmouth College; "Project English" in the s, a federally funded effort to reform English teaching and whose curricular materials were rolled out at the Dartmouth Conference in ; and why this history is important for contemporary writing center, composition, and WAC scholars and practitioners.

Poking Around in Dusty Archives In this minute podcast, Neal Lerner explains his passion for archival research and for pursuing the origins of educational reforms; explains the process involved in writing and publishing his new book, The Idea of a Writing Laboratory; previews his next book project, which interweaves the story of Preston W.

Interviews and Editing by Brad Hughes posted John's University in New York. Harry explains how collaborating with tutors in doing assessment galvanizes the community within a writing center.

A New Approach to Student Surveys at Temple University In this minute discussion with Harry Denny, Lori Salem describes a new approach to overcome some of the common limitations of student-satisfaction surveys. Lori explains how she and her colleagues developed new attitudinal survey questions and used factor analysis and cluster analysis to uncover patterns in how students respond to sets of questions.

In this minute podcast, Lori Salem and Harry Denny offer advice for writing center directors thinking about doing assessment.

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Editing by Brad Hughes.Dartmouth Department of Theater and the Hopkins Center present New York Theatre Workshop created by phenomenal young musical-writing brothers Daniel and Patrick Lazour.

View Related Events. Sat Aug 4, 11 & 18 call the Dartmouth Department of Theater at Buy Tickets Season at a Glance. The creative writing experience at Dartmouth combines intensive writing workshops with the study of literature from a writer’s perspective.

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Major Concentration in Creative Writing The concentration in creative writing does not alter the graduation requirements for students majoring in English, but is a prerequisite for honors with a focus on.

Applicants should send a brief description of their own projects (no more than 1 page) along with a current CV, a writing sample ( pages), and a $10 application fee (please make checks payable to “Dartmouth College”).

UW-Madison Writing Center Podcasts. Our podcasts cover three main areas. The entries in Writing in Practice offer advice about specific aspects of academic writing, such as writing application statements or using common documentation stystems.; The entries in Theory and Research feature interviews with outstanding researchers in Writing Center Studies and in rhetoric and composition.

Writing Center Tutor Dartmouth Center for Research, Writing and Information Technology (RWIT) September – Present 1 Industry: Newspapers. “Writing and Speaking and/as Inoculation,” Josh Compton, Dartmouth College, USA “Kitzhaber’s Methodological Legacy,” Emily Isaacs, Montclair State University, USA “Composition and Computation Converge at Dartmouth in ,” Annette Vee, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

Dartmouth writing center
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