Essay on importance of biosphere

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Essay on importance of biosphere

Reforestation is the consequence of deforestation which according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, is a complete clearance of trees.

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Deforestation is usually planned and deliberate felling of trees and the land cleared is used for activities which are not related to the forest. The act of re-growing trees in an area or land surface is reforestation. Reforestation is replanting of trees in a stretch of terrain which had for some reason lost its forest cover.

Reforestation is a planned or deliberate movement to regrow vegetation lost due to human activity, natural calamity or sudden climate change. With increasing environmental awareness, a global initiative has been taken to regenerate lost forest hamlets across the world.

Reforestation is not the same as afforestation, though both are directed towards propagating greenery. Afforestation is the endeavour to forest an area which originally had no tree cover. It is the effort to create a new forest in a previously unforested area or a part of land that was not under forest cover.

Reforestation on the other hand is repopulating an area which has lost its tree population. It is an initiative different countries are undertaking to maintain ecological balance.

Various communities, NGOs, are relentlessly working towards reforestation. He emphasized that forests are necessary if the planet and its inhabitants are to survive.

He focused on the interdependence of forest, global climate stability and healthy living. Reforestation is a scientific process because it is not just planting trees.

The system requires adequate knowledge of the climate, the landform, the soil type of the area.

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So to re-establish a forest community, it is important to select those trees or plant species that will thrive in the area. Then only can the forest cover be renewed.

Essay on importance of biosphere

With the turn of the century reforestation has become a global agenda. It includes taking account of the forests, woodlands, natural parks that have almost ceased to exist due to injudicious deforestation and assist in it recovering as much as possible the natural vegetation of that region.

Causes of Deforestation Two primary reasons that led to mass scale deforestation are: Agricultural lands were turned into factories disturbing the fragile ecosystem. As machines replaced the plough, laborers replaced the farmers. This led to an influx of people from the villages to the recently formed industrial areas seeking work.

Large forest areas were literally cleared to provide housing for the workers, build roads and lay down railway tracks. Thus forests began to retreat.

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Urbanization Another important reason that led to rapid deforestation is urbanization. It is an ongoing process. As more and more people moved away from the villages cities expanded encroaching forest land to build high-rises.

Significance of Water in Biosphere

As industries expanded, new townships grew up, better means of communication became inevitable. Trees were felled and metallic roads, bridges, underground and surface railways were constructed. There was no plan to plant new saplings to make up the loss. Importance of Reforestation Checking biodiversity loss Today we are standing at the threshold of an imminent crisis with rapid climate changeglobal warming and greenhouse effect.

The earth is gradually losing its biodiversity as more and more animals are forced out of their natural habitat. The only way to check these adverse effects is reforestation. Reducing carbon dioxide in the air Human life is facing the ill effects of environmental crisis.Biosphere Report The experiment seemed perfect, right?

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Not exactly, Biosphere II was an embarrassing mistake to science, not to mention, an expensive mistake! Since the very beginning, numerous problems surrounded the crew members, including, loss of oxygen, and widespread extinction (which were two of the most notable problems).


Essay on importance of biosphere

The biosphere is, of course, integral to the functioning of earth systems. First of all, the present atmosphere, as we have noted, is the product of respiration on the part of plants, which receive carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Importance of Earth Science Everything in the world around us is built upon the Earth, grows on the Earth, or depends on the environment of the Earth in some way. We are accustomed to thinking of learning as good in and of itself.

But as environmental educator David Orr reminds us, our education up till now has in some ways created a monster. Essay on monster the autobiography of an la gang member goes rbccm research paper importance of english proficiency essay if i have a magic carpet essay favorite shoes essay essay onderwerp kiezen als globalization pro contra essay essay chicago a personal and s essays in ecocriticism pdf file.

bgb beispiel essay meena alexander fault lines. As the only known planet that is habitable for human beings, the Earth’s importance is self-evident.

Every living organism known to science obtains all of its resources from Earth, and has very few other options available.

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