First sewing project

It is a misunderstanding to think that only girls sew or have an interest in sewing.

First sewing project

Triplet Tote — Sewing — My first real sewing project! Fabric is soooo pretty and it would just break my heart to have to scrap it. My friend Sara from Craft Snob came by the blog a few months ago and shared a sewing tutorial for beginners: Triplet Tote Sewing Tutorial.

Her tutorial is absolutely wonderful and shares every single step. As soon as Sara shared this sewing project, I knew that I wanted to do it. She did say it was a project for beginners, so it would be perfect for me.

I started off my taking out the fabric that I wanted to use. Once I had the fabric, I ironed it. Then it was time for the fun stuff, measuring and cutting!

First sewing project

Ughhh… I took my time and tried not to worry about it too much. I cut the fabric correctly! I was so proud of my self!

First sewing project

Making the handles was a lot of fun too! I thought it was going to be difficult, but it really was simple! My all time favorite part was assembling the entire tote. I was so proud of myself, in fact I still am!

Sewing Projects Here are a selection of ideas to keep you reaching towards perfection. Browse our entire collection of projects or select the category that intriques you most. A New Project–Drawstring Bags. New fabric in hand, I’m excited to get to work using them! When I first started this sewing/quilting adventure, I thought I wanted to jump right in with my indigos but – and after finding other fun fabrics at the store-I changed my mind. I want to get more comfortable with cutting and sewing before I commit to anything with . I have a big quilting project in the back of my mind, but wanted to tackle something a bit simpler first. Before Summer hit, we had evaporative cooling installed in the house. It’s the lovely kind that means you can leave all the windows open, but it does work with ‘damp air’.

Are you as proud of me as I am of myself? I just so happen to have more!What's the Project? Looking for some easy, beginner sewing projects to get you started sewing and comfortable on your machine?

Here are 25 free patterns and tutorials that are perfect for a beginner to learn to sew on. I have sewn most of my life learning first on and old Singer and purchased my first machine in my early 20s, Fantasia.

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Today is a FUN project inspired by my youngest daughter who is obsessed with pugs. She was anxiously awaiting the moment this project was finished so that she could take this cute little pug pillow away from me! This is a perfect first sewing project, and I’ve adapted it to make it easier for kids.

Jul 14,  · You can also see all my post which will take you from hello sewing machine to sewing your first sewing project here or click here to see this video on YouTube Most sewing machines are very similar when it comes to knowing how to thread a sewing machine.

Yesterday it rained all day!

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It gave us the perfect chance to try our hands at sewing! We made a simple purse out of foam craft sheets. A Child's First Sewing Project We cut simple shapes from craft foam sheets, found some yarn, a tiny hole punch and a yarn needle.

With the two main purse pieces held together, punch all the way around the . Great First Project–Pillowcase by April Baylor on July 10, I found what I think is a super easy project and it would be fantastic for a first project to try out sewing.

All of these projects are easy sewing tutorials and will get your creating in no time. Your first sewing project may not come out perfect {I know mine didn’t!}, but with a little practice you will be sewing up a .

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