Global and china 1 1 2 tetrafluoroethane r 134a hfc134a industry

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Global and china 1 1 2 tetrafluoroethane r 134a hfc134a industry

Ra-Cosutin China

Tianjin Minghai Petroleum Tubular Co. Tianjin Opka Oil Pipe Co. Tianjin Pipe Group Corporation Tianjin Pipe Industry Development Company Tianjin Seamless Steel Pipe Plant Tianjin Shengcaiyuan Steel Trading Co.

Global and china 1 1 2 tetrafluoroethane r 134a hfc134a industry

Tianjin Shenzhoutong Steel Pipe Co. Tianjin Shuangjie Pipe Manufacturing Co. Tianjin Top Connect Manufacturing Co. Tianjin Tubular Goods Machining Co. Tianjin Walt Pipe Co.

Tianjin Xingyuda Steel Pipe Co. Tianjin Zhongshun Industry Trade Co. Tianjing Boyu Steel Tube Co. Tuha Petroleum Machinery United Offshore Construction Co.

Weifang Weierds Steel Pipe Co. Westcan Oilfield Supply Ltd. WSP Holding Limited Wuxi Dexin Steel Pipe Co. VerDate Mar Wuxi Erquan Special Steel Wuxi Fastube Industry Co.

Global and china 1 1 2 tetrafluoroethane r 134a hfc134a industry

Wuxi Huaxin Petroleum Machine Co. Wuxi Huayou Special Steel Co. Wuxi Precese Special Steel Co. Wuxi Runfeng Special Pipe Co.

Wuxi Seamless Oil Pipe Co.Ra product offers from exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors globally by price, quantity, order, delivery and shipping terms, country - Page 1. Since , 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (CH 2 FCF 3, HFCa) has become the most important substitute of CFC in mobile air conditioning (MAC) in China and MAC sector has dominated all the emissions of HFCa.

In this study, we developed an accurate, updated and county-level inventory of the HFCa emissions from MAC in China for the.

Tariffs on Chinese Imported RA Refrigerant

For example, Ra has 2 carbon atoms, 2 hydrogen atoms, and 4 fluorine atoms, an empirical formula of tetrafluoroethane. The "a" suffix indicates that the isomer is unbalanced by one atom, giving 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane. Alias Ra, HFCa, HFCa, tetrafluoroethane, Chinese name tetrafluoroethane, English name 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane, Chemical name 1,1,1,tetrafluoroethane, molecular formula CH2FCF3.

Since Ra belongs to HFC-like substances (non-ODS substances Ozone-depleting Substances) - Therefore, it does not destroy the ozone layer at all. BOC Sciences provides a wide range of Customer Services, Bulk & Specialty Compounds to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and Biotechnology industries.

Refrigerant Purity and Container Requirements for New HFCa 1,1,1,2 - Tetrafluoroethane Refrigerant Used in Mobile Air-Conditioning Systems J_ This SAE Standard applies to refrigerant used in motor vehicle passenger air-conditioning (A/C) systems designed for use HFCa.

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