Hell no gmos

There are more of these compositionally changed GE foods awaiting FDA approval — among many othersa pink pineapple that includes lycopene, and a tomato that has high levels of anthocyanins, which could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. With the increasing prevalence of GE foods, public concern has risen.

Hell no gmos

Article of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed: There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry.

So much for labeling, eh? Here is a map of the current worldwide area of GMO cultivation: If cultivation goes unchecked, labeling will become a moot point since everything will be contaminated.

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This is how it is done: This deal has since gone off the table with the pro-EU interim government accepting the new multimillion dollar IMF package in May The project proposes to improve the agricultural business environment by streamlining or eliminating 58 different procedures and practices by On May 27,the New York Times unveiled how the allegiance to the West was certainly not just about geopolitics and democracy.

So, to help stem the tide of non-compliance with biotech interests, Monsanto has put up a Ukranian website designed to schmooze the Ukranian public into thinking that GMOs are highly beneficial, sustainable and good for us.

Hell no gmos

Here is a snapshot of an English translation of the home page: And this is not the first time something like this has happened. Just look at Iraq and El Salvador. This is not a game, it is a wholesale takeover by biotech interests implemented by multi-national corporations masquerading as government entities.

So, what do we in the US do?

Hell NO! We won't GMO

Why, we march, protest, and yell our heads off for what? A ban on the cultivation of GMOs? We call for labeling. We literally, fall down on our knees, accept defeat, and beg for Monsanto et al to please, pretty please, label the GMOs that we have given up on banning.

We are being lied to, and it is time for a change. It is difficult at best when you realize that you have been unwittingly fighting for that which you thought you were fighting against. However, banning GMOs is the key. In fact, all of that energy spent on the labeling misdirection would be so much more useful if put to instituting local bans.

Protesters march against genetically modified foods in Ann Arbor

What good does a label do if what is behind that label is still GMO due to wholesale contamination?Residents have grown tired of the influx of GMOs in Kauai, demonstrating last December at the Haleiwa Bridge and chanting “Hell No GMO!” in an effort to evict Monsanto from the .

How to start a garden easily. 5 things you need to know to start a garden. Find this Pin and more on Hell no GMOs by Clothing Matters. Are you starting a vegetable garden.

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Learn how to start a garden and the 5 top things you need to know before you start one. May 12,  · Others say little more than, "HELL NO GMO!" Others compare Oxitec's proposal to GMO crops created by Monsanto (which isn't involved) and beg the government to .

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