Ict destination management

History and Legal Institutional Framework History and Legal Institutional Framework The participation of the State in tourism development began in with the creation of the first private hotel called "Gran Hotel Costa Rica", a first class hotel built with the support of a private company and the incentive of the Government of the Republic.

Ict destination management

Majority of the hotels are now able to manage their customers and functions with the help of e-tourism, e-promotions, e-booking and e-commerce systems.

The use of the official websites, social sites and also mobile tourism apps have helped different hotels in the tourism sector to keep connected with the customers about the recent offers and packages. There are several companies in the hospitality and the tourism industry that engages in the application of the ICT in the tourism industry that helps in minimizing the time and also increases the efficiency of the operations in the tourism industry.

There are various activities that can be conducted with the help of the ICT applications in the hospitality industry like check-in and check-out service, social media networking, room booking, acquiring details of the hotels etc.

Travel apps also allow the customers to check conveniently the flight and train timings online, to get reviews and ratings about the destinations, hotels and airlines services and also to book online tickets.

According to Ali and Frew, the use of ICT tools have reduced the work load of the employees in the hospitality sector. Thus it is evident that there are several advantages of using ICT in the industry, there are certain drawbacks.

The application of ICT can be very expensive for the organizations but it can provide significant benefit to the consumers. It can be difficult for smaller organizations to implement the ICT technology due to its extensive cost.

Chapter 2: Literature review

Another disadvantage of the measure is the security risk that is seen in case of ICT use due to high cyber crime rate. The social media has also played significant role in ICT application in the industry. The social media network like facebook and twitter are used extensively in recent times as promotional tools and it can also be used as information and feedback space for various organizations.

The visitors of Ritz-Carlton can discover the fact that a traditional canvas is not always required for the work of art.

Ict destination management

The hotel has a stunning structure and it is designed by Kevin Roche, who is Pritzker price-winning architect. The hotel has contemporary style and it has subtle oriental touches against the backdrop of city skyline and Marina Bay.

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The guests of the hotel can experience of a luxury five star hotel and they can immerse in visually stimulating sight with 4, contemporary art pieces. The hotel is designed to provide external views of Marina Bay or Kallang Bay from all guest rooms.

For the entertainment facilities the hotel provides roof top club, private lounge, rooms equipped with Bulgaria bath facilities, flat screen televisions and personal butler service.


The hotel serves various business clients by organizing business meetings, product launches and fashion shows within the tropical themed garden, 12 meeting rooms and function rooms in the premises. The management of the hotel also arranges for cheap holiday packages of Singapore and facilitates easy e-bookings through online commerce system.

Further the chapter gives an overview of the features and services of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore and describes the objectives and the aim of the researcher behind conducting of the study. The chapter will help the researcher to progress with the research based on the information collected from the academic journals and books.

The four major aspects of ICT that are used within any organizational framework are namely the hardware or the external devices, the software or the programs, telecommunication services and also the human ware which comprises of techniques of managing the customers effectively.Overview of Business Process Management (BPM) Sri Lanka is one of the best destination for providing off-shore services for ICT and other services Finance and Accounting, Legal, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunication, etc.

With the advent of Information and communication technology (ICT) tools management in tourism and hospitality sector has become easier (Akehurst, ).

Majority of the hotels are now able to manage their customers and functions with the help of e-tourism, e-promotions, e-booking and e-commerce. management models and the role of technology in doing so will be discussed. Keywords Destination Management, ICT Diffusion Strategy, Sensitization and Competence Building.

The majority of today’s information and communication technology (ICT) impact studies disregard infrastructural, organizational, and environmental factors typically responsible for successful e-business adoption and use.

This article proposes an empirical approach that shows how the mentioned factors determine both e-business adoption and the impact of information and communication technologies.

Ict destination management

Costa Rica Tourism Board INSTITUTIONAL SITE. The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) invites you to explore this dynamic platform, in which you can learn in detail about the area of activity of Costa Rica's leading tourism institution, with up-to-date information for all of your inquiries.

ICT, or information and communications technology (or technologies), is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing. Although there is no single, universal definition of ICT, the term is generally accepted to mean all devices, networking components, applications and systems that.

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