Nsp project on bakery

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Nsp project on bakery

Enzyme Combinations to Optimise By-Products Use in Corn-Based Poultry Feed 11 May As more by-products are included in diets for poultry, there are greater opportunities to maximise nutrient availability by the use of feed enzymes. Remus from Danisco Animal Nutrition reviewed this topic, focussing on bakery by-products, wheat by-products and distillers dried grains, for the 35th Carolina Poultry Nutrition Conference last year.

Introduction Although there is a variety of potential substrates for enzymes in poultry diets see Table 1the primary ones generally targeted in practical corn-based diets are phytate, arabinoxylans and starch. Mannans and oligosaccharides may also be potential substrates but dietary content of these may be more variable across ingredients than the aforementioned three.

Beta-glucans are normally considered when feeding viscous cereals such as barley or oats as the primary cereal or at levels at or above 10 per cent of the diet for either cereal. Due to the level of beta-glucans and the insolubility of these non-starch polysaccharides NSPs in Nsp project on bakery US ingredients used in corn-based diets, beta-glucans are not normally a NSP of concern for most diets.

Enzyme use is well documented across different types of poultry diets. Example papers on amylase Ritz et al. However, trials often examine one type of enzyme in isolation. For example, many of the published phytase papers do not examine relationships between phytase and various carbohydrases or proteases in practical diets.

Given that many cereals, cereal by-products or vegetable protein by-products can vary in phytate Table 2 as well as NSPs Tables 3, 4, 5it would seem logical that combinations of phytase, non-starch polysaccharidases NSPases or other activities may provide a benefit in practical diets.

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Some recent papers published in the poultry research press have examined phytase with and without carbohydrase inclusion in corn-based diets Cowieson and Adeola, ; Olukosi et al. From a practical standpoint, many commercial companies in the poultry business are using phytase currently so demonstration of carbohydrase or protease efficacy in the presence of a phytase has become more important.

There are published papers on corn-based diets containing several different by-products or vegetable meals, these provide evidence of enzyme efficacy Dipeolu et al.

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of trials that have looked at inclusion of only one byproduct in the presence of feed enzymes. Vegetable By-Products and Anti-Nutritional Issues Typical by-products used in feed formulation can vary widely by region.

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But in general, typical problems involve NSPs, phytate, starch and amino acids where plant-based by-products are concerned. In these ingredients, digestibility and anti-nutritional factors are almost always involved in the decision process of when and how much to use to help reduce cost while not jeopardising performance.

Toxic anti-nutritional factors such as gossypol, mycotoxins, etc. But issues on NSP-related effects on nutrient uptake, gastrointestinal passage rate and subsequent bird performance to problems in starch, amino acid or phosphorus mineral availability are also key in the decision process.

It should be noted in any discussion on usage of by-product, particularly at higher levels, that good ingredient quality monitoring programmes should be in place.

Non-starch polysaccharides Non-starch polysaccharide issues are best addressed by the appropriate NSPase table 1. However it is fair to note that the degree of and type of benefit of NSP enzymes may depend on the nature of the NSP present, i.

In addition, heat processing can affect physical characteristics of NSPs Cowieson et al. For corn-based diets, insoluble NSPs predominate in many of the ingredients typically used see tables 3, 4 and 5.

Insoluble NSPs do not cause viscosity but these cell-wall components can encapsulate nutrients inside intact cell walls. Correspondingly, the finer the grind or particle size, the more of these encapsulated nutrients may already be released.

Some consider wheat bran or rice bran as possibly beneficial in laxation for humans Dikeman et al. In vitro tests on water-binding and water-holding capacity of various feed ingredients have noted differences between major feedstuffs.

In general, corn was found to have lower water holding capacity than does soybean meal or other protein meals whereas potato flakes were found to have the highest water holding capacity Partridge, Aulrich and Flachowsky examined the relationship between particle size and water- binding as well as water-holding capacity of wheat bran.

Enzyme Combinations to Optimise By-Products Use in Corn-Based Poultry Feed - The Poultry Site

These authors found that as particle size went from 1 mm to 0. Since nutrient flow to the villi on the gut wall depends on gut motility and corresponding convective movement of water and nutrients, insoluble fibre may affect feed intake, nutrient absorption and ultimately bird performance.

These authors used a diet containing 68 per cent oat bran or extracted oat bran with or without NSPase addition and noted dramatic improvement in chick performance with enzyme addition even considering that they pair-fed one of the treatment pairs see table 6.

Phytate Phytic acid has long been known as an antinutrient due to the presence of bound phosphorus on its structure but also its ability to bind positively charged substances e.

Kornegay, or similar articles for review and alter secretion of endogenous enzymes Dilworth et al. High phytate levels depressed chicks weights and G:Project Bakery LV.


Nsp project on bakery

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