Osha accident case study

And because employees would be working 30 feet above the ground, use of fall protection in the form of a personal fall arrest system secured directly to the bridge was required and issued to each scaffold worker.

Osha accident case study

See CFR in references. The standard requires operator training and licensing as well as periodic evaluations of operator performance. The standard also addresses specific training requirements for truck operation, loading, seat belts, overhead protective structures, alarms, and maintenance of industrial trucks.

Refresher training is required if the operator is observed operating the truck in an unsafe manner, is involved in an accident or near miss, or is assigned a different type of truck. Forklift Maintenance OSHA requires that industrial trucks be examined before being placed in service.

Osha accident case study

They shall not be placed in service if the examination shows any condition adversely affecting the safety of the vehicle. Such examination shall be made at least daily. When industrial trucks are used around the clock, they shall be examined after each shift. When defects are found, they shall be immediately reported and corrected [29 CFR On all grades, the load and load engaging means shall be tilted back, if applicable, and raised only as far as needed to clear the road surface.

The forks shall not be raised or lowered while the forklift is moving [29 CFR Under all travel conditions, the truck shall be operated at a speed that will permit it to be brought safely to a stop [29 CFR The operator shall slow down and sound the horn at cross aisles and other locations where vision is obstructed [29 CFR The operator is required to look toward and keep a clear view of the travel path [29 CFR Unauthorized personnel shall not be permitted to ride on powered industrial trucks.

A safe place to ride shall be provided where the riding of trucks is authorized [29 CFR Forklift trucks shall not be driven up to anyone standing in front of a bench or other fixed object [29 In agricultural industries, minors under age 16 are prohibited from using forklifts [29 CFR Not all working minors are covered by the FLSA.

Also exempted are youths aged 14 and 15 who are working under carefully regulated conditions in a bona fide vocational agriculture program. When work is being performed from an elevated platform, a restraining means such as rails, chains, etc. Operation An operator should avoid turning, if possible, and should use extreme caution on grades, ramps, or inclines.

The operator of a sit-down type forklift should stay with the truck if lateral or longitudinal tip over occurs.

The case reports were selected to represent the most common types of fatal forklift incidents: Case 1-Forklift Overturn On September 18,the year-old president of an advertising sign company was killed while using a sit-down type forklift to unload steel tubing from a flatbed trailer.

The victim turned the forklift behind the trailer, and the forklift began to tip over on its side. An inspection of the forklift revealed that the right-side rear axle stop was damaged before the incident and was not restricting the lateral sway of the forklift when it turned.

Also, slack in the steering mechanism required the operator to turn the steering wheel slightly more than half a revolution before the wheels started to turn. Case 2-Forklift Overturn On April 25,a year-old shop foreman was fatally injured after the sit-down type forklift he was operating overturned.

The forklift was transporting a 3-foot-high, pound stack of cardboard with the forks raised approximately 60 inches off the ground.Accidents are defined as unplanned occurrences which result in injuries, fatalities, loss of production or damage to property and assets.

Preventing accidents is extremely difficult in the absence of an understanding of the causes of accidents. Slips, Trips and Falls is a frequently occurring accident type, leading to minor injuries (sprains, bruises) as well as major injuries (fractures, head injuries).

Their causes include insufficient lighting, poor housekeeping, wet and slippery. As part of the National Safety Council’s alliance agreement with OSHA, NSC recently finalized a case study .pdf file) focused on preventing falls from heights in construction. Valuable information on hazard recognition, use of personal protective equipment, forklifts and scaffolds all can be found in this free study.

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It is often helpful to see an example of an accident investigation in order to better understand how the process works.

Here is a simple accident investigation case study. This is the accident scenario: An employee is working on a ladder and the ladder seems to attheheels.com employee falls off the.

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