Rewrite asian kung fu generation naruto sakura

After realizing that they all shared similar musical tastes, the three decided to start their very own band.

Rewrite asian kung fu generation naruto sakura

Contact Author A true otaku does not simply skip the opening and ending songs of anime series because an anime experience is never, ever complete without them. The way the anime songs are directed usually impresses me, especially the way the songs try to tell you how the series will progress but not to the point where the plot will be spoiled For me, the best anime songs are those that truly connects its music to the story, through its lyrics, style and melody.

Because a good soundtrack is what makes an anime series truly complete, I present to you my list of anime series with the best opening and ending themes or songs.

Note that all of the titles I've written below are in my Highly Recommended Anime hub as well except for Gintama which goes to show that a lot of the best anime series are produced when a good story line and musical score complement each other.

Click this link to visit my Highly Recommended Anime list: Most of the songs in Lovely Complex are romantic and mellow as the plot of the series focuses on the love story between a tall female protagonist Koizumi Risa and a short male protagonist Otani Atsushi.

Every time I play my Lovely Complex playlist, the sweet melodies make me remember the bittersweet moments of Risa and Otani: Cowboy Bebop was internationally acclaimed not just for its story but also for its soundtrack, which was influenced by western jazz and blues music.

The opening song entitled Tank! The ending song The Real Folk Blues had a melancholic feeling to it, owing to the fact that Cowboy Bebop subtly deals with existential themes of loneliness and solitude.

Opening Theme 1 - Tank! The music is somehow reflective of the journeys of the three protagonists, Fuu, Mugen and Jin, and similar to Bebop, has a solitary air to it.

rewrite asian kung fu generation naruto sakura

The melodies are far from jolly but are not really sorrowful either. Overall, the Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack somewhat calms the listener and personally, I enjoy listening to my CCS playlist whenever I am studying or reading light texts.

Listening to the Nodame Cantabile soundtrack usually improves my mood: The songs itself are highly narrative of Ed and Al's painful journey in recovering what they lost from alchemy. Although heavy and sorrowful, FMA brotherhood songs emanates a strong desire which I think is somehow reflective of the strong wills of FMA brotherhood characters.

Most of the opening songs are livelier and full of hope while most of the ending songs sound lonelier but are sometimes gentle or dense. The ending songs are usually lighter while the opening songs have a more narrative quality to it in relation to the plot of the anime series.

The first opening song, Pray by TommyHeavenly6 had me as early as the first episode.

rewrite asian kung fu generation naruto sakura

The opening and ending songs were becoming better and better and by the time Byakuran entered the scene, the soundtrack has improved so much and I finally felt the coherence of the plot and the music.A non-profit MIT student organization dedicated to increasing the awareness of anime, or Japanese animation, in the MIT community and the general public.

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Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Haruka Kanata (Tab). "Rewrite" (リライト, Riraito) is a song by Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. It was released as the third single of their second full-length studio album, Sol-fa, on August 4, In , they re-recorded Rewrite along with all songs from Sol-fa and released on November 30,

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