The death of socrates painting essay

He learned elements of the Neoclassical style from his mentor, Joseph Marie Vien who, in addition to Angelica Kauffmann and others, was part of the first generation of Neoclassical painters[2]. David's painting, The Death of Socrateswas a centerpiece of the Neoclassical style, which—alongside Romanticism—dominated artistic production in Europe from the mid-eighteenth until the mid nineteenth century[4]. Notwithstanding the fact that many works combined elements from both movements, strictly speaking Neoclassical figures were made vastly less expressive and far more stoic in appearance than the subjects of Romanticism[5].

The death of socrates painting essay

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The death of socrates painting essay

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The death of socrates painting essay

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The Death Of Socrates (; Oil on canvas, x cm or 51 x 77 1/4 in) by Jacques Louis David, is a perfect example of a neoclassical painter using a famous work of literarue, in this case Plato's Phaedo, as his source of inspiration.

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F. Stone said that Socrates wanted to be sentenced to death, in order to justify his philosophic opposition to the Athenian democracy of that time, and because, as a man, he saw that old age would be an unpleasant time for him. Style: David and Neoclassical Painting The Death of Socrates, Jacques-Louis David, Jacques-Louis David () was the most influential French Neoclassical painter, with an artistic career that lasted through French Revolution and the following rule of .

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