The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist in the case of the syrian conflict

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The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist in the case of the syrian conflict

Agence France Press reported in Novembercovering an article from the famous investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh. It is not clear at this time why there would be such discrepancy between two presumably close intelligent services, the CIA and Mossad.

A similar plan by Israel not using tactical nuclear weapons, however was created one year earlierthe same authors at the Sunday Times had reported.

Alternatively, the reporting could be accurate, for the reports do note that the strikes would happen only if called for. Also, one would expect that Israel would be planning such exercises and many other scenarios.

It could be the Times was participating in disinformation knowingly or not as was wondered a few paragraphs earlier. Towards the end ofthe same Times published a document which purportedly described an Iranian plan to do experiments on what the newspaper described as a neutron initiator As the previous link explains, All Murdoch-owned news media report on Iran with an aggressively pro-Israeli slantof which the Times of London is a part, and that the particular author of this story has also been tipped off by unknown intelligence sources of other famous fabrications, such as the fabricated document purporting to show an Iraqi effort to buy uranium in Niger, which was used by George Bush as part of his propaganda efforts in the buildup to the Iraq invasion of The Times document allegation made sustained headlines.

US and IAEA have so far been unable to prove Iran is developing nuclear weapons Varadarajan noted further above that propaganda and spin is being used to create the perception of nuclear weapons development when the IAEA has been unable to confirm this.

In an opinion piece in The Hindu newspaper, February 27, he summarizes that For the past year and a half, every report of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran has reached two broad conclusions: That there has been no diversion of declared nuclear material for prohibited purposes.

The IAEA is not yet in a position to certify that Iran has no undeclared nuclear facilities In other words, he says, the world can be assured that in all the Iranian facilities currently under international safeguards … no activities or operations prohibited by the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty NPT are taking place.

At the same time, as Varadarajan concedes, the fear is that Iran might have built—or might be building—secret nuclear facilities at other locations the IAEA knows nothing about. However, as Varadarajan also notes, while the US, Britain and Israel believe this is so, they have provided no evidence to date that it is indeed so.

Mainstream media interviews with officials from these countries tend not to question such claims when they are made, thus inadvertently allowing potential propaganda to get through.

The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist in the case of the syrian conflict

Varadarajan takes issue with a number of claims when supporters of that view raise questions such as what of the years of secrecy, or the non-cooperation with the IAEA i. Why did the U. What evidence did it have that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons? The computer supposedly contained information about Iranian research work on nuclear warheads and a secret uranium conversion program… After months of quiet scepticism, IAEA officials have finally begun airing their misgivings about the genuineness of the laptop and its contents.

However, as Varadarajan argues, The main difficulty here is that Iran is being asked to prove a negative—that it has no undeclared activities. Matters are stuck on the extent of Iranian research into the P-2 centrifuge, where, because of the current political climate, the IAEA is unwilling to believe Iran.

But even assuming the Iranians are lying about the extent of their work and have actually developed a vast underground facility full of P-2s capable of thousands of separative work units of enrichment, the best remedy is unlimited physical access by the IAEA.

Siddharth Varadarajan, Spinning its way to conflict againThe Hindu, February 27, Preconditions to dialog and the threat of sanctions and war, Varadarajan insists, will not encourage meaningful dialog, diplomacy and the implementation of safeguards, which he feels are the only real way forward.

US intelligence sources find this Iran nuclear document to be a fabrication. However, the IAEA certainly again expressed frustration and serious concern that Iran continues to defy the requirements and obligations link as laid out in various IAEA and UN Security Council Resolutions, when it was revealed in September that Iran was developing a uranium enrichment site in secret.

Jabhat al-Nusra: History, Capabilities, Role In Syrian War

This prompted much of western mainstream media and political leaders to cry foul and fear, including threatening language from the US Our patience and that of the international community is limited, and time is running outwarned White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, for example.

What do you think prompted the Iranian authorities to make the declaration on September 21 about a new enrichment facility? We are yet to go and inspect and verify that new facility. The western countries say this was meant to be a secret facility, that it was declared by Tehran because it was compromised and the Iranians knew they would be discovered.

The Iranians insist this is not the case, that they had to delay informing the agency because they wanted to build the facility underground to protect their technology in case of an attack on their nuclear facility. And they have been hearing about the threat of attacks over the past four or five years.

Surely this reduces the gravity of the issue. Clearly Iran has not diverted nuclear material for prohibited purposes. And I have been making it very clear that with regard to these alleged studies, we have not seen any use of nuclear material, we have not received any information that Iran has manufactured any part of a nuclear weapon or component.

It is a serious concern but I am not going to panic, to say it is an imminent threat that we are going to wake up and see Iran with nuclear weapons.

Our job is to make sure we do not overstate or understate a case. There are enough people around to use or abuse what we say. It leads to confrontation, to the other country taking counteraction.The United Nations and the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have signed an agreement to highlight the important contribution that sport makes in the race to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by the ambitious deadline of The Difference Between Terrorists and Insurgents.

12/26/ This case shows it is possible to determine whether violence is by an insurgent or a terrorist based on their targets and objectives. then they may try to arrest the offender rather than stop what will become a protracted conflict.

If one assumes that a terrorist is an.

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