The life and reign of edward kennedy ellington

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The life and reign of edward kennedy ellington

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The two aspects of his career were related; Ellington used his band as a musical laboratory for his new compositions and shaped his writing specifically to showcase the talents of his bandmembers, many of whom remained with him for long periods.

Ellington also wrote film scores and stage musicals, and several of his instrumental works were adapted into songs that became standards. In addition to touring year in and year out, he recorded extensively, resulting in a gigantic body of work that was still being assessed a quarter century after his death.

Ellington was the son of a White House butler, James Edward Ellington, and thus grew up in comfortable surroundings. He began piano lessons at age seven and was writing music by his teens. He dropped out of high school in his junior year in to pursue a career in music.

At first, he booked and performed in bands in the Washington, D.

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They made their first recordings in Novemberand cut tunes for different record companies under a variety of pseudonyms, so that several current major labels, notably Sony, Universal, and BMG, now have extensive holdings of their work from the period in their archives, which are reissued periodically.

They played in what was called "jungle" style, their sly arrangements often highlighted by the muted growling sound of trumpeter James "Bubber" Miley. Louis Toodle-oo," which the band first recorded for Vocalion Records in Novemberand which became their first chart single in a re-recorded version for Columbia in July Their residency at the famed club, which lasted more than three years, made Ellington a nationally known musician due to radio broadcasts that emanated from the bandstand.

Inhe had two two-sided hits: While maintaining his job at The Cotton Club, Ellington took his band downtown to play in the Broadway musical Show Girl, featuring the music of George Gershwinin the summer of The following summer, the band took a leave of absence to head out to California and appear in the film Check and Double Check.

At the same time, Ellington scored a Top Five hit with an instrumental version of one of his standards, "Mood Indigo" released on Victor. The recording was later inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

A second version of the piece was a chart entry on Victor in March This was still more than three years before the official birth of the swing era, and Ellington helped give the period its name. The Ellington Orchestra made another feature film, Murder at the Vanities, in the spring of Even as he became more ambitious, however, he was rarely out of the hit parade, scoring another Top Ten hit, "Cotton," in the fall ofand two more, "Love Is Like a Cigarette" and "Oh Babe!

Maybe Someday," in After several years recording more or less regularly for Brunswick, Ellington moved to Victor. In early Billy Strayhorna young composer, arranger, and pianist, joined the organization.

Two key personnel changes strengthened the outfit with the acquisition of bassist Jimmy Blanton in September and tenor saxophonist Ben Webster in December.

That same summer, Ellington was in Los Angeles, where his stage musical, Jump for Joy, opened on July 10 and ran for performances. Unable to record and with touring curtailed, Ellington found an opportunity to return to extended composition with the first of a series of annual recitals at Carnegie Hall on January 23,at which he premiered "Black, Brown and Beige.

In a musical climate in which jazz was veering away from popular music and toward bebop, and popular music was being dominated by singers, the Ellington band no longer had a place at the top of the business; but it kept working.

And Ellington kept trying more extended pieces.

The life and reign of edward kennedy ellington

The first half of the s was a difficult period for Ellingtonwho suffered many personnel defections. Some of those musicians returned later. But the band made a major comeback at the Newport Jazz Festival on July 7,when they kicked into a version of "Dimuendo and Crescendo in Blue" that found saxophonist Paul Gonsalves taking a long, memorable solo.

Ellington appeared on the cover of Time magazine, and he signed a new contract with Columbia Records, which released Ellington at Newportthe best-selling album of his career.


Freed of the necessity of writing hits and spurred by the increased time available on the LP record, Ellington concentrated more on extended compositions for the rest of his career. His comeback as a live performer led to increased opportunities to tour, and in the fall of he undertook his first full-scale tour of Europe.

For the rest of his life, he would be a busy world traveler. Ellington appeared in and scored the film Anatomy of a Murder, and its soundtrack won him three of the newly instituted Grammy Awards, for best performance by a dance band, best musical composition of the year, and best soundtrack.

He was nominated for an Academy Award for his next score, Paris Blues Meanwhile, of course, he continued to lead his band in recordings and live performances.

Records and made some pop-oriented records that dismayed his fans but indicated he had not given up on broad commercial aspirations. Nor had he abandoned his artistic aspirations, as the first of his series of sacred concerts, performed at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on September 16,indicated.

Three months later, the Sinatra film Assault on a Queen, with an Ellington score, opened in movie houses around the country. His final film score, for Change of Mind, appeared in Ellington became a Grammy favorite in his later years.

Duke Ellington: Duke Ellington, American pianist who was the greatest jazz composer and bandleader of his time. One of the originators of big-band jazz, Ellington led his band for more than half a century, composed thousands of scores, and created one of the most distinctive ensemble sounds in . Oct 11,  · Wynton Marsalis through the life and musical contribution of Edward Kennedy Ellington The DUKE. At the age of 19, Ellington married Edna Thompson, who had been his girlfriend since high school, and soon after their marriage, she gave birth to their only child, Mercer Kennedy Ellington. On May 24, , at the age of 75, Duke Ellington died of lung cancer and pneumonia.

He won a Grammy for best original jazz composition for "In the Beginning, God," part of his sacred concerts.Ellington was the son of a White House butler, James Edward Ellington, and thus grew up in comfortable surroundings.

He began piano lessons at age seven and was writing music by his teens. He began piano lessons at age seven and was writing music by his teens. Huey Pierce Long Jr. (August 30, – September 10, ), self-nicknamed "The Kingfish", was an American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from to and as a member of the United States Senate from until his assassination in As the political leader of Louisiana, he commanded wide networks of supporters and was willing to take forceful action.

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