The rule of television in our lives

Television has profound impact on our society. It has changed the life styles of the people and has become a major influence in our culture. Explaining the importance of television, Joseph aptly mentions, "Having earned a niche for itself in ways that are inimitable and unprecedented, TV has worked its way as an indispensable member of hundreds of millions of families across the world. To say that it merely educates, informs and entertains is an understatement.

The rule of television in our lives

We are beginning to forget what the world was without TV. Everybody knows what a great force TV is in the world today. Thanks to TV we get a great amount of information. It gives wonderful possibilities for education.

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It enriches our intellect. We also become better informed by watching documentaries, science programmes, discussions and by learning the most important issues of the day.

TV gives an opportunity to see the best actors, sport matches, to meet famous people. TV brings the world to our room. We see people in our country and in other lands and learn about their customs, occupations, traditions, problems.

We become cultured people by learning more of the arts. Besides, there is a considerable amount of TV programmes: News, different talk-shows, TV games, concerts and variety shows, sport programmes, feature films, serials and so on and so forth. They are of great entertainment value and provide useful topics for conversation.

A lot of these programmes are very popular. For example, News deal with political and social problems of modern society. Their aim is to give analysis of the problems and show different view points.

Musical Review presents songs, pop groups, folk songs. It is very popular with TV viewers.

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Thus, we can say that TV is a great force which attracts millions of people to the screens. Some people are against TV. They say that TV is doing a lot of harm. It occupies a lot of free time. People used to have hobbies, to meet with friends, to go to the cinema or theatre, to read books, to listen to music.

Nowadays many people sit watching TV hour by hour. Watching TV for a long time may lead to poor health and ruin eye-sight. But nobody makes you watch TV for hours. You can simply switch off your TV-set. But nobody can deny the fact, that TV is a great force in the world today.It looks like you've lost connection to our server.

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The rule of television in our lives

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