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History[ edit ] The club dates its founding from February 6,during the Civil War.

Thesis clubhouse

Foundation[ edit ] Colonial Club's first clubhouse, Founded in under the presidency of H.

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Pattonwho opposed to the establishment of a boy's club adjacent to Evelyn CollegePrinceton's coordinate women's college. After agreeing to several provisions, Colonial Club was founded and situated itself in an old Virginian, three-story veranda house.

The original section consisted of several notable students including Booth Tarkington, founder of the Princeton Triangle Club.

Great War Era[ edit ] After the sinking of the Lusitania, military training became the principal activity on campus. Only a few of the eating clubs remained open during this time.

Colonial Club temporarily considered combining with Tiger Inn until the full membership of the various clubs returned to college after the war. Almost the entire section left college to enter various branches of service, and the entirety of the section was drafted, leading to the closing of the club.

Thesis clubhouse

Gregory '18, and Samuel F. Colonial Club's section managed to revive the club after the war, under the guidance of W.

Irving Harris '20 and Harvey S. The original section of thirty men was the largest that had ever entered the club up to that time, most of whom were students in the university's Politics Department.

According to the Colonial Club th Anniversary Book, the most striking feature of the club proved to be the members' "bland unawareness of the significance of outside events in those days The tradition has continued into the 21st century, with member and alumni dinners commonly held at the Princeton Club of New York.

Membership dropped during World War IIwith over 18 members ranging from the section to the section perishing in the conflict.

Cold War Era[ edit ] After the world war, however, Colonial's extravagant style and activities returned to the club's normal affairs. By the end of the 50s, many of the traditional social amenities of earlier eras began to fade; buffet style became fashionable in lieu of the club's traditional white tablecloths, linen napkins, and waiters.

In the 60s, the club experienced several changes.

Thesis clubhouse

The clubhouse's third floor bedrooms, which long held the staff of waiters, were renovated into rooms for members. Variable section sizes and a drop in alumni financial support occasionally led to tough financial situations for the club.

This move, strongly encouraged by university officials, coincided with the club's admittance of female members. Unlike some of the other eating clubs including Ivy Club, which did not allow women until a lawsuit inColonial permitted women to join once Princeton University began to admit women as undergraduates in the same year.

The club's financial difficulties gradually continued into the 70s and 80s, during which the club's Graduate Board of Governors considered closing the club. Aggressive event planning by the classes of andalong with generous alumni support and an enthusiastic and dedicated class ofbrought the club back from the brink.

This was at least the third time the club had been rescued from near-oblivion; and also had seen very low sign-in numbers. Inhowever, Colonial managed to recruit only 13 members in the first round of sign-ins; this was a massive drop from the 87 first round sign-ins from the previous year.

Ina huge turnaround occurred when over sophomores signed into the club, which was the largest number of sophomores to join any of the eating clubs. Throughout this period, the club has seen both the size and demographics of each section shift drastically.

Nonetheless, the openness of the club, as demonstrated inremained a hallmark of the club's culture and shaped the club into the next decade.Amazin' Clubhouse.

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