Thesis questionnaire about smoking

About how many Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden? Please answer the following points according to your personal smoking experience?

Thesis questionnaire about smoking

Smoking Ban in Public Places Tobacco as a stimulant can be used in several different ways but the most common way it is used is smoking it in the form of cigarettes.

Smoking is legal in most countries in the world but in the last couple of years there have been debates about whether or not smokers should be allowed to smoke anywhere they want.

Liquor Frequency Smoking Frequency Drinking times per 1 pack per day week times per times per day week times per 2 times per week day times per day Occasional 4). How do the implementation of sin tax law affect your consumption pattern? Possible thesis for hamlet madness essay is the death penalty effective essay beginning a college essay with a quote how to write a literature review example apa in text citation for thesis. SMOKING AND TOBACCO USE – SMQ. Target Group: SPs 20+ These next questions are about cigarette smoking. SMQ {Have you/Has SP} smoked at least cigarettes in .

It is common knowledge that the ban of smoking in public places is majorly for the protection of non smokers from the side effects of smoking, but there are other factors which inform the decision to impose a ban on smoking in public places Robbins This paper seeks to investigate both the benefits and side effects of smoking in public and finally argue a case for or against the ban on smoking in public places.

Proponents of the ban of smoking in public places argue that because not everyone is a smoker, the smell of cigarette smoke is offensive to non-smokers. They also cite the health effects that second hand cigarette smoke has on the non-smokers who are fond of being around smokers.

Some radical proposers to the ban, who also support a total ban on the use of tobacco, further cite the effects that smoking has on the health of the smokers themselves. On the other hand, opponents of the ban argue that if smoking in public places should be illegal then cigarettes would be illegal or contraband products.

They also argue that smoking ban in public places is an infringement into their particular rights as people who engage in a legitimate act. Another reason why smokers feel offended by ban in public smoking is the fact that smoking as a practice is protected by the law and as it stands, they are engaging in a legal activity which should not be interfered with.

Some of them go as far as arguing that there are more harmful environmental hazards like industrial smoke, motor vehicles exhaust fumes and smoke resulting from the burning of trash or garbage Sloan These, they argue, have greater environmental effects than just smoking.

There are several economic benefits directly attached to the production and sale of tobacco in many parts of the world. Tobacco has been known to support agricultural output, earn several countries foreign revenue for being a major export commodity, provide income for households, and generate both direct and indirect employment in many countries.

For instance, in Greece, the northern parts of the country are mostly mountainous and do not support much agriculture other than tobacco cultivation. Tobacco employs most of the residents of northern Greece both directly, through cultivation of the crop, and indirectly, mainly in the processing, sales and distribution of the finished product.

Other countries which benefit socio-economically from the culture of tobacco include Brazil; Malawi, in Africa; Canada; and the United States, especially the state of Kentucky.

Tobacco as a stimulant also has some health benefits.

Thesis questionnaire about smoking

Research shows that the nicotine in tobacco as a mild stimulant acts within the nervous system to help in relaxation and reduce anxiety Sloan, Tobacco also increases the rate of metabolism in the human body and suppresses appetite.

These effects can help one to reduce body weight and keep obesity in check. On the flipside, research has also revealed a lot of negatives about smoking especially in public places.

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It has been proven that second hand smoke can cause breathing problems to non smokers Hahn et al, This happens when a non smoker, especially one who is allergic to smoke, inhales the smoke exhaled by the smoker and the smoke reaches his or her respiratory system causing itchiness in their systems thereby causing inflammations in the lungs resulting in difficulty in breathing problems and sometimes respiratory diseases.

Second hand smoke also causes eyesores especially to non smokers who are allergic to smoke Shetty, Medical research has also shown that second hand smoke, just like the first smoke inhaled by the smoker, can lead to heart diseases Shetty, The cause of heart diseases is attributed to the stimulation effect of nicotine which increases pulse rate.

Smoking and exposure second hand smoke are also likely causes of several forms of cancer, but most commonly lung cancer and cervical cancer. This contributes to the causes of the various forms of cancer… Sample 2. Do e-cigarettes really not so harmful for health as traditional cigarettes or this opinion has appeared due to well-thought marketing strategy?

It is known the fact that habit is quite a strong phenomenon in human life. There are many habits that are quite easy to get, it can be done even accidentally.

However, it can be difficult to break a habit. As far as breaking the habit can be quite difficult, it is common practice to try not to destroy the habit at all but change it in some more positive way. Nowadays people see such positive way in e-cigarettes as alternatives to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

A popularity of e-cigarettes and their widespread image as a harmless alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes could be the reason why there is quite a high number of studies which consider the harmfulness of the e-cigarettes. However, even though the studies showed that in general e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, they are a quite new phenomenon from the historical view, thus their harmfulness is not conclusive.

The main and one of the most obvious argument to support harmless of the e-cigarettes is the fact that in their system it is lack of combustion.

An operating principle of e-cigarettes is more like aerosol than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. This can be a reason why, compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have less toxicant exposure for their users Callahan-Lyon, Priscilla ii However, comparing e-cigarettes with the traditional cigarettes, one can notice that e-cigarettes have a more complex system and elements that are more saturated with harmful substances.

In this way, product components, and secondhand aerosol of e-cigarettes are more harmful to the users and others that the traditional tobacco cigarettes.Dec 22,  · Thesis Proposal on Smoking It is the single most preventable cause of death and disease.

It causes more deaths than cocaine, auto accidents, alcohol, fire, AIDS, suicide, and homicide combined (The Foundation for a Smoke Free America). Term papers no plagiarism essay about yourself as a reader survey of literature cross textual essay school's out poem.

Homework hotline help einstein this i believe essay thesis archive canada essay on innovation is critical to success stand by me rob reiner essay. Liquor Frequency Smoking Frequency Drinking times per 1 pack per day week times per times per day week times per 2 times per week day times per day Occasional 4).

How do the implementation of sin tax law affect your consumption pattern? Nov 10,  · Best Answer: It is a popular misconception that smoking is a habit and can be cured by a low dose nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for a short time.

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Smoking is an addiction; there are over chemicals in tobacco and nicotine is only one that is addicting out of Resolved. Dec 17,  · The TTM Questionnaire for smoking cessation was developed by Prochaska and colleagues [12,13] and it is available in two versions: the original questionnaire containing 83 items and the short form containing 38 items.

In the current study we used the short form. SMOKING AND TOBACCO USE – SMQ. Target Group: SPs 20+ These next questions are about cigarette smoking. SMQ {Have you/Has SP} smoked at least cigarettes in .

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