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Weboc one custom paperless

ARTICLE Since the early s Customs administrations have been developing automated systems to improve trade facilitation and to achieve effectiveness in revenue collection.

Advancements in information technology have enabled governments to make dramatic improvements in the service delivery. Each new development in IT brought with it a new set of possibilities that would help bring transformational changes to the regulatory environment for international trade.

The emergence of the? The new structure is transparent to the consumers of the services, leading to increased efficiencies and reduction in the transaction costs of regulation.

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In recent times, the term? The Trade is strongly in favour of a Single Window approach because it creates a simplified interface to Cross-border Regulatory Agencies in which, weboc one custom paperless entire government apparatus that deals with the movement of goods across borders is re-engineered to meet the specific service needs of business.

If information is electronic, then individual data elements should only be submitted once. The term intelligent is significant because the Single Window is not merely a data switch or a gateway to a set of facilities nor is it just a unified access point through a web portal.

It is a facility providing shared services to the users. Many countries have developed National Single Window system to overcome such obstacles in trade flow. Pakistan Customs WeBOC system being a fully automated computerised clearance facility operating successfully for more than 5 years having processed over 5 million import and export transactions to-date provides an excellent platform for building National Single Window in the country.

It is important to observe that achieving a national single window environment for Pakistan would be a long haul effort, requiring serious, devoted and sustained efforts.

Since every country has its own trade regulatory structure, there is no 'universal' model to be replicated. Instead an 'evolutionary process' may be adopted using the existing WeBOC as the core around which would be layered the future National Single Window of Pakistan.

Lessons Learned for the Future," held in in Geneva, taking into account the global experiences made in the last 10 years. For the development of Pakistan's National Single Window Environment in a more systematic and structured manner, the following broad based recommendations have been framed to serve as milestones in a collective effort to achieve the goal.

Foremost is to achieve political support and commitment at the highest level of the Government with effective monitoring, timelines and resource allocation. It would be important to declare Pakistan Customs as the lead agency for implementation of National Single Window. The alignment of legislation and risk management criteria of all regulatory agencies is also an important prerequisite.

Pakistan Customs needs to adopt a proactive approach for upgradation of WeBOC system and to engage all stakeholders for the requisite business process re-engineering to build an efficient, fully-automated, transparent and predictable facility for handling the country's international trade.ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has developed a website WEBOC, web-based one customs, to facilitate the importers and exporters for prompt clearance of goods electronically without.

LAHORE: The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have a critical role in the economic development of Pakistan, and can greatly benefit from the Web Based One Customs (WeBOC) system for speedier.

weboc one custom paperless

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ISLAMABAD: The business community, exporters and importers were provided initial training in handling the Web-Based One Custom (WeBOC) system during a session held at the Islamabad Chamber of.

Web Based One Customs, as the name suggests, is an interactive web based goods clearance system for both import and export of goods to and from Pakistan. It is one of the most modern and efficient system of clearance of goods which is available in most of the developed countries.

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