West bank gaza and the arab israeli conflict essay

From throughthe area now known as the West Bank was under Ottoman rule as part of the provinces of Syria. It and Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations were the basic documents upon which the British Mandate for Palestine was constructed. Faced with the determination of Emir Abdullah to unify Arab lands under the Hashemite banner, the British proclaimed Abdullah ruler of the three districts, known collectively as Transjordan. Confident that his plans for the unity of the Arab nation would eventually come to fruit, the emir established the first centralized governmental system in what is now modern Jordan on 11 April

West bank gaza and the arab israeli conflict essay

By the second week of the war, the Syrians had been pushed entirely out of the Golan Heights. In the Sinai to the south, the Israelis had struck at the "hinge" between two invading Egyptian armies, crossed the Suez Canal where the old ceasefire line had beenand cut off an entire Egyptian army just as a United Nations ceasefire came into effect.

West bank gaza and the arab israeli conflict essay

During this time, the United States airlifted military supplies to Israel while the Soviet Union airlifted military supplies to Egypt. Sela,Israel clearly had the military victory over both Syria and Egypt, but it suffered a large blow to morale as well as substantial human casualties.

The outcome of the Yom Kippur War set the stage for "a new phase in Israeli-Egyptian relations" ending ultimately in the signing of the Camp David Accords. The invasion was a military success, as PLO forces were pushed north of the river. Although through the war, Israel succeeded in exiling the PLO military personnel, including Arafat to Tunisiait became entangled with various local Muslim militias particularly Hezbollahwhich fought to end the Israeli occupation.

South Lebanon conflict — ByIsrael retreated from all but a narrow stretch of Lebanese territory designated by Israel as the Israeli Security Zone.

UN Security Council Resolution calling on Israel to completely withdraw from Lebanon was not completely fulfilled until 16 June Intifada of — Main article: First Intifada The First Intifada—, began as an uprising of Palestinians, particularly the young, against the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip after the failure of the PLO to achieve any kind of meaningful diplomatic solution to the Palestinian issue.

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The exiled PLO leadership in Tunisia quickly assumed a role in the intifada, but the uprising also brought a rise in the importance of Palestinian national and Islamic movements, and helped lead to the Palestinian Declaration of Independence in The intifada was started by a group of young Palestinians who began throwing rocks at the Israeli occupying forces in Jabalia Gaza Strip in December In Maythe government of Yitzhak Shamirthe prime minister of Israel at the time, "suggested that violence cease, and that elections should be held in the West Bank and Gaza for a political delegation with whom Israel would come to terms regarding the implementation of Palestinian interim self-governing authority in these areas.

During the Gulf War, —, Iraq tried draw Israel into the confrontation and thereby make it difficult for Arab regimes to remain in the coalition. However, under strong pressure from the US, which feared direct Israeli involvement would threaten the unity of the coalition, Israel did not retaliate against Iraq and the multinational coalition ousted Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

The defeat of Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War "was a devastating blow to Oslo peace process — Main article: Unfortunately, "the new trend in Israeli-Palestinian relations also entailed a wave of violence by religious fanatics. This frightened many Israelis into believing that "the new reality created by the Oslo Agreements, namely the presence of an armed police force of approximately 30, Palestinians, Barak won the election and attempted to deliver on his promises inwhen he and Arafat met at Camp David.

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Arafat rejected the proposal, did not make a counteroffer, and walked away from the negotiating table. Second Intifada The al-Aqsa Intifada, or Second Intifadabegan in late Septemberaround the time Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon and a large contingent of armed bodyguards visited the Temple Mount Haram al-Sharif complex in Jerusalem and declared the area as an eternal Israeli territory.

Widespread riots and attacks broke out among Palestinians and Arab citizens of Israel in Jerusalem and many major Israeli cities, and spread throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

It essentially calls for full withdrawal, solution of the refugee problem through the Palestinian " right of return ", a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem in return for fully normalized relations with the whole Arab world.

This proposal was the first to receive the unanimous backing of the Arab League. The Disengagement Plan was a proposal by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, adopted by the government and enacted in Augustto remove a permanent Israeli presence from the Gaza Strip and from four Israeli settlements in the northern West Bank.

The civilians were evacuated many forcibly and the residential buildings demolished after August 15, and the disengagement from the Gaza Strip was completed on 12 Septemberwhen the last Israeli soldier left.

The military disengagement from the northern West Bank was completed ten days later. Israel—Lebanon conflict of Main article: Three Israeli soldiers were killed, and two were kidnapped and taken prisoner into Lebanon.

In a search and rescue operation to return the captured soldiers, a further five Israeli Defense Forces troops were killed.The Arab-Israeli Conflict Essay Words | 6 Pages.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict The Arab Israeli conflict has gone on for many years. There have been many wars, terrorist attacks and peace treaties between Israel and the Arab countries. The Israelis do not want to give back territory such as parts of The West Bank and Gaza Strip and particularly East Jerusalem.

They also believe that Arab States can solve the refugee problem. We will write a custom essay sample on Arab, Israeli Conflict specifically for you for only $ The core of the Arab-Israel Conflict is. They also obtained the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Golan Heights, which increased their land holdings.

In , the “Yom Kippur War” occurred. This war was caused by Egypt crossing the Suez Canal, and Syria, another Arab country attacking from the . Essay Arab-Israeli Conflict - Reasons for conflict undergirding the Arab-Israeli Conflict in recent times and it is important to evaluate all of these rationales.

However, it is important to note that the actual military conflict is an international one with set international players. - Arab Israeli Conflict On October 3rd , the observer reported that "violence raged across Gaza, the west Bank and Israel itself yesterday, unchecked by international appeals for calm, and fuelled by a steadily rising death toll, which last night had reached at least 47 in 5 days.

The conflict I will be talking about is the ongoing conflict over territory between Gaza and the West Bank, which involves Jews and Arabs. The conflict over territory between the Israeli's and the Palestinian's began many years ago in ; however the current conflict began in

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